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Do I choose what to do in the session?

You can choose to fly from a range of airfields all over the world including our base at City Airport Manchester. Our flight sim instructor will tailor the experience to your personal preference whether you want to try your hand at take offs and landings, autorotations, general handling of the aircraft adding changing weather conditions and emergencies. This is discussed as part of your pre-flight briefing.

Do I actually ‘fly’ the simulator myself?

Absolutely! You will be sitting in the captain’s seat, so you’ll be the one in command at the controls.

Don’t worry, help is there when/if you need it from your instructor.


Are the flight simulator cockpits real?

Some of the cockpits used are highly accurate replicas, most are actually real, ex-airworthy, retired airframes. 

Can I bring spectators?

Yes. Friends and family are welcome. We have a dedicated lounge and toilet facilities. Hot/cold drinks and snacks are also available to purchase.

Can I learn to fly on a flight simulator?

You can learn the theoretical skills in how to fly a helicopter / aeroplane, but it doesn’t provide you with any qualifications to actually fly a real aircraft.

Do simulator experiences count towards a pilot's licence?

No. If you want to gain your Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) you’ll need to take flying lessons in a real aeroplane, helicopter or gyrocopter. 

Do I need any previous flying experience before booking a flight simulator session?

Not at all. All sessions are tailored to your personal level and what you want to do.

Are the flight simulator instructors real pilots?

Yes, our instructors are either current or retired pilots.

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