Gaining your PPL (G)


North West Gyro is approved to teach and examine the PPL (G) syllabus; to all members of the North West Rotor Wings Club. The PPL (G) syllabus comprises of a minimum of 40 hours of training out of which at least 15 hours must be under dual instruction and at least 10 must be flown solo. The other 15 hours can be dual or solo as required. You must also complete a minimum of 3 hours Cross Country exercises, with full stop landings at two different aerodromes.



There are also 6 exams that must be passed before the end of the course - Air Law, Human Performance, Fight Planning & Navigation, Meteorology, Communications & Gyrocopter Technical.

The exams are between 15 and 20 questions long and multiple choice, the pass mark is 70%. All theoretical knowledge examinations must be passed within a period of 18 months and the pass will remain valid for licence issue for a period of 24 months from the date of successful completion of the examinations.  All theoretical knowledge examinations must have been completed before taking the skill test. All the recommended manuals, revision guides, aeronautical charts and flight equipment that are required can be purchased through our Pilots Shop



The medical requirements for the PPL (G) are either a valid NPPL Medical Declaration or a Part-Med Class 1,2 or LAPL Medical Certificate. We can advise you of the nearest doctor. A student must hold a valid medical certificate or declaration when conducting any solo flight prior to license issue or when exercising the privileges of the PPL (G).



For the PPL (G) we predominantly use the MTO Sport, the world’s most popular Gyrocopter, a versatile 2 seat aircraft. All our aircraft are maintained to the Manufacturers recommendations and Service Schedules by trained Engineers.




We believe there is a lot more to learning to fly than just flying the aircraft. The time you spend with your instructor both before and after the lesson is as important as the flight itself. All our flight instructors must pass periodical competency checks by a CAA approved examiner. They will not only teach you to fly, they will teach you to become a “Captain” of an Aircraft.


We pride ourselves on our hard-earned reputation for professional standards and our friendly easy-going teaching methods. You will receive a pre-flight briefing before each lesson, this gives you the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss the flight exercise. On completion of your lesson, you will be de-briefed on all aspects of the flight and discuss what study is required for the next lesson.


To help with continuity you will be allocated one instructor who supervises your PPL from start to finish. To maintain standardization throughout your course, at certain stages you will fly with an alternative instructor as a progress check, and to ensure you get used to flying with different people. This will help to prepare you for your PPL flight test which, of course, will be conducted by a CAA examiner; a pilot with whom you have never flown.




The minimum requirement is 40 hours, which is achievable, if continuity and progress are maintained.  However, in our experience, external influences such as work, family life, and bad weather will enforce breaks in your training. Flying is a skill and hence the 40 hours minimum requirement is very much dependent on the individual.



Our purpose-built training facilities provide the ideal environment for flight training and ground study. We have dedicated classrooms, briefing rooms as well as a lounge where you can relax after your flight / ground school session with a tea or coffee.




North West Gyro is the only Gyrocopter Flight Training School in the North West and will be pleased for one of our pilots to meet, discuss and answer any further questions you may have about the Private Pilot’s Licence and the Flight Training Course. We also recommend and advice that you take a Trial Lesson as soon as you are serious about learning to fly to experience and confirm it’s what you want to continue with.




After achieving your license and flown a good number (50+) of hours, should you wish to improve your accuracy of flying, perform more advanced manoeuvres and extend the types of aircraft in which you are permitted to fly, then North West Gyro can offer the following advanced PPL training for PPL holders.

There is no official advanced flying course in the UK but almost all instructors will be able to give you guidance on advanced flying. The main topics that are covered in advanced flying include:

  • Spot landing techniques – with and without power

  • Safe low flying

  • Learn to fly from the rear seat

  • Type conversions




All our aircraft are competitively priced for private hire to suitably qualified pilots. Most former students continue to fly with us to maintain their skills and enhance their experience. 

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Be aware ... it becomes addictive!