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Take to the skies on a Thrill-Seeking Gyrocopter Experience Flight just like 007 James Bond did in ‘Little Nellie’.


The experience begins with a 30 Minute Presentation on the history of Gyrocopters including suit & helmet fitting, how they actually lift from the ground and the effects of the controls followed by 30 Minutes in the aircraft with an approved Gyrocopter Pilot who will show you why so many people are instantly drawn to these aircraft. You’ve got to experience it for yourself … be aware, it becomes addictive!


You will receive a Flight Certificate and have the opportunity to purchase your photograph and take refreshments after the flight. The flight can be taken at any time that suits the recipient and the flying school and is within weather operating limits.

1 Hour Gyrocopter Experience with a 30 Minute Flight

    • 30 min Presentation (including suit & helmet fitting)
    • Approx. 30 minutes in the aircraft
    • Certificate to take home
    • Spectators are welcome
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