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This 15 Minute Gyrocopter Buzz Flight is conducted in a 2 seat, side-by-side enclosed cockpit gyrocopter at the North West Gyro Club, Manchester Barton Airfield


After a short safety briefing, you'll be helped in the aircraft and kitted with a headset communication system. Upon completion of the experience you'll receive a personalised flight certificate and have the opportunity to purchase your framed photograph. This experience will give you an insight into the buzz & thrills of flying in a gyrocopter. The flight can be taken at any time that suits the recipient and the flying school, and is within weather operating limits. 


Enclosed Air Buzz Flight

    • Pre-Flight Safety Briefing 
    • Approx. 8-10minutes in the air
    • Certificate to take home 
    • Spectators are welcome 
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