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Option 1: 30 Minute Trial Lesson £149 – 10 minute flight briefing followed by approximately 20 minute flight.


Option 2: 60 Minute Trial Lesson £229 – 20 minute flight briefing followed by approximately 40 minute flight.


Option 3: 90 Minute Trial Lesson £349 – 20 minute flight briefing followed by approximately 70 minute flight


This Experience is conducted in a 2 seat, enclosed cockpit gyrocopter at the North West Gyro Club, Manchester Barton Airfield. It allows you to experience the thrill of flying a gyrocopter and will even count as the first step towards your Private Pilot's Licence.


On arrival your Trial Lesson is preceded by a short flight briefing with our pilot who will explain all aspects of the flight including the effects of controls and how a gyrocopter flies. During the lesson you will be allowed to take the controls and actually fly the gyrocopter! After the lesson you will receive a flight certificate and have the opportunity to purchase your framed photograph. The experience can be taken at any time that suits the recipient and the flying school and is within weather operating limits. 


A truly fabulous gift and a perfect introduction to flying for those who have always wanted to try flying a gyrocopter.

Enclosed Cockpit Trial Lessons

    • Pre-Flight Briefing 
    • Certificate to take home 
    • Counts towards a Pilot’s License
    • Spectators are welcome 
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